The Powelsborough Lassies (CD)


James Murray & Ollie Ross, flute ,fiddle and songs, great music in the South Sligo musical tradition.

Extract from the sleeve notes:

To begin at the beginning, I was born on the 18th of February 1947 in the townland of The Rock near Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo, and lived there until the sixties when the family moved to the townland of Ougham. The first Irish Music I heard was my father whistling reels and jigs. He also was a fine singer and he had all the old Irish ballads which he had learned from his mother. My father's brother Joe and sister Kathleen were both musicians. Joe played the flute and Kathleen played the fiddle. Joe was my first teacher and started teaching me the tin whistle when I was about ten years old.

James Murray


1 The Dublin Reel/The Three Merry Sisters (2.34)
2 Murray's One and Two (2.07)
3 The Powelsborough Lasies/Frank Walshe's (2.45)
4 Lord Gordan's Reel (3.40)
5 A Stór Mo Chroí (3.29)
6 The Duke of Leinster/Ah Surely (3.28)
7 The Blackthorn Stick/Reidy Johnston's (2.43)
8 Sarah Ann O Connor's/The Mother's Lament (3.28)
9 Lament for Peter Walsh (3.37)
10 Roaring Mary/The Graf Spree (3.16)
11 The Clare Reel/The First Month of Spring (2.17)
12 The Chaffpool Post/Memories of Sligo (4.26)
13 The Hunter's Purse/The Sligo Maid (3.28)
14 Úna Bhán (5.15)
15 The Galway Rambler/Five Mile Chase/Dennis Devaney's (2.42)
16 The Concert Reel/Custom Gap (3.08)
17 Pat Sweeney's Favourite/Paddy Carty's (3.02)
18 The Old Wheels of the World/Mc Gowan's Favourite/The Moving Bog of Powelsborough (2.58)
19 The Croppy Boy (5.42)
20 Drowsey Maggie/Toss the Feathers (1.49)
21 The Stonepark Reel/The Templehouse Reel (2.02)
22 The Geese in the Bog (2.34)
23 The Bush in Bloom/Touch Me If You Dare (2.21)