Seoda Céilí (CD)

The Clare Céilí Band

Céad mile fáilte to our CD: Seoda Céili. We are a group of young musicians from all over Clare. Following on from the very successful launch of our first CD, Turas Ceoil (2020), we have recorded and produced our second CD.

The preparation for this CD began through online Zoom meetings during the Covid restrictions. All the selections of tunes on this CD are inspired by the legendary Céilí Bands spanning the last 60 years. Our CD is aptly called “Seoda Céili”, meaning Céilí Gems, as a tribute to the impact that these selections and bands have had on the Céilí Band tradition. Our aim is to capture the powerful driving rhythm that these bands possess whilst also interpreting and performing these tunes in our own style.

"Nuair a theipeann at an bhfhocal, labhraionn an ceol"
“When words fail the music speaks”


1 John Brennan's, The Knotted Chord, The Glass of Beer (3.18)
2 Scotsman Over The Border, The Green Fields of Woodford (2.17)
3 Auchtermuchty Gala March (3.18)
4 The Humours of Tullycrine, The Cuckoo's Nest (4.04)
5 Patsy Tuohy's, Big John McNeill, The Graf Spee (4.12)
6 Flatwater Fran, Kevin Keegan's (4.38)
7 Molly Bán, The Aughacashel Reel, Billy Brocker's (3.01)
8 Sweet Marie, The Little Burnt Potatoe, My Dungannon Sweetheart (4.23)
9 The Blackbird, The Smell of the Bog (3.20)
10 The Wandering Minstrel, Jerry's Beaver Hat, Wallop the Spot (4.12)
11 The Linnet's Chorus, The Beautiful Goldfinch (4.11)
12 The Salamanca, The Banshee, Sailor's Bonnet (3.40)
13 Belphegor March (2.29)
14 Banks of Newfoundland, Mysteries of Knock, Páidin O'Rafferty (3.41)
15 Fergal O'Gara, O'Rourke's (2.05)