Clare Youth Trad Orchestra (CD)

Padraic O'Reilly

The Clare Youth Trad Orchestra was formed in the spring of 2017, in order to perform a one-off concert in the Shannon Aerodome at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann in Ennis, in August 2017. Such was the reception from the 1400 strong audience on that night in August, it was agreed by all involved that it would be a pity for it not to continue, and thus the Clare Youth Trad Orchestra was born.

Recorded live at Glór Ennis, director Pádraic O'Reilly.


1 Jig: Merrily Kiss the Quaker (3.01)
2 Air: Longing for Home (4.01)
3 Reels: Frenchie's/Jean's Reel (4.51)
4 Song: The Mountains of Pomeroy (5.21)
5 Jig: The Cat's Meow (3.32)
6 Orchestral Piece: The Queen's Speach (4.12)
7 Piece: Coiridinio (2.46)
8 Slip Jigs: Gort na Móna/Gusty's Frolics (4.24)
9 Song: The Hills of South Armagh (4.52)
10 Waltzes: The Linnet's Chorus/The Beautiful Goldfinch (5.08)
11 Reels: The New Mown Meadow/Lord Ramsey's (2.59)
12 Jigs: Spóirt/The Hawthorn Hedge (4.21)
13 Song: Óró Mo Bháidín (3.34)
14 Encore Reels: The Bag of Spuds/The Dublin Reel (2.31)