The Village of My Childhood (CD)

Joe Queally

The Village of My Childhood

18 track of music, song and dance from the people of Fanore, and from people who came to visit the village. It is a small piece of who we are and who we were. I hope that it brings back memories and that you enjoy every minute of listening. To quote from the Island man Tomás Ó Criomthathain from the Great Blasket Island, Mar ní bheadh a leithéad ann arís. Our likes will not be again.

Joe Queally.


1 Dear Old Skibereen (3.33)
2 The Girl from Claughindine (3.15)
3 Lovely Old Miltown (2.42)
4 Shores of America (2.21)
5 Village of My Childhood (7.26)
6 Farewell to Belharbour (1.39)
7 Meet me Tonight on the Shore (2.39)
8 Sullivans John (1.54)
9 Red is the Rose (2.27)
10 Copans old Goose (2.23)
11 My Sweet Fanore (4.46)
12 Sliabh Elva Fox (2.39)
13 Fáinne Geal An Lae (1.13)
14 Girl I Loved in Sunny Tennesse (3.27)
15 The Young Farmer (3.51)
16 Irish Soldier Boy (2.57)
17 Moonlight in Mayo (2.52)
18 Selection of Reels-Mick Linnane (1.18)