Melodeon mad (CD)

Bobby Gardiner

Melodeon Mad

The gramophone and old 78rpm records of Irish music of the l92O/ 30 era recorded in America have fond memories for me. We are deeply indebted to the musicians of that time for the rich legacy of traditional music they left behind which has left its mark on many of us. The gramophone evokes in us that lovely old time sound, remember how the pitch would drop If you didn’t keep it wound. Technology is much advanced there are iPods now I ’m told, but none of them can bring a tear like the gramophone of old. In 2016, a new Beltuna came into my life and challenged me to improve my melodeon playing and now, it seems that this little instrument has taken over my life, and the accordion has taken a back seat for the moment. This humble little instrument has earned its righflul place In the hands of one who knows its worth, it has rhythm power and pace. It may be missing sharps and flats and that handy second row, but the sound of the melodeon takes me back to long ago.

Bobby Gardiner, January 2018


1 Reels: The New Mown Meadow/Hand Me Down the Tackle (3.03)
2 Jigs: Scatter the Mud/The Connaughtman's Rambles (2.33)
3 Hornpipe: The Independant (2.29)
4 Waltz: Pull Down the Blind. Reel: The Wind That Shakes The Barley (3.32)
5 Polkas: Cashman's/Lord Seaforth's Reel (3.09)
6 Hornpipes: The Sunshine/Boys of Blue Hill (3.03)
7 Polka: I Know What Mary Wanys (1.39)
8 Reels: Swallows Tail/Devanney's Goat (3.32)
9 Jigs: The Dancing Master/Carty's (3.01)
10 Air: The Little Red Lark (3.20)
11 Reel: Bonnie Kate (2.31)
12 Waltz: The Blue Danube (2.54)
13 Jig: The Town of Coothill/Reel: The Full Set (3.27)
14 Waltzes: Tipperary So Far Away/Come Back Paddy Reilly/Mokingbird Hill (3.02)
15 Hoenpipe: Flaherty's/Reel: The Flogging Reel (3.35)