The Fort of Kincora (CD)

Martin Connolly

Re-engineered release of the original 1987 album, a beautiful music collaboration by Martin Connolly, master of the button accordion and the late Maureen Glynn Connolly, who was an extraordinary musician and teacher. As Oliver O'Connell says on the sleeve notes, A gem of a recording.


1 Reels: Paddy Gavin's/Molly Put the Kettle On / Polly Put The Kettle On (2.55)
2 Jigs: Sean McGlynn's/The Wood's of Old Limerick (2.43)
3 Hornpipes: Shrove Tuesday/The Dapper's Delight (2.59)
4 Reels: The Highest Hill in Sligo/Touch Me If You Dare (2.26)
5 Slow Air/Reel: Goldsmith's Lament/The Maghera Mountains (3.40)
6 Reel: The Old Road to Garry (2.27)
7 Slip Jigs: Quick! We Have But a Second/The Night Before Larry was Stretched (2.38)
8 Reel: Callaghan's (2.27)
9 Hornpipes: The Fort of Kincora/Dunphy's (2.49)
10 Reels: Bubbling Wine/The Templehouse/Maureen's Minor Mishap (3.42)
11 Slip Jigs: Give Us a Drink of Water/A Fig for a Kiss (2.26)
12 Set Piece: The Garden of Daisies (2.12)
13 Jigs: Munster Bacon/Tumble the Tinker (2.09)
14 Reels:Into The Wood's/The Duharra Reel (2.27)
15 Jigs: The Magpie in the Tree/Any Auld Thing at All (2.07)
16 Reels: Dillon's Fancy/Jenny Picking Cockles (3.32)